Why Use A Link Shortener?

Back in the day when Twitter included links in its 140 character count, using link shortening services was very important. And we know why it was so. But, now when the restriction has been removed and the link is not counted in the character count, why is it that we still see URL shortening sites mushrooming? Well, we are glad that you asked. And we are here to answer this question. Smart marketers know that using a short URL generator is important. And if you don’t know that yet, it is time you get to know why.

Published on: 5/10/21, 11:59 PM

Make Money from Your Blog with URL Shorteners

Think about the time when you started your blog. You just started letting your emotions flow and sharing ideas, information, and updates with the world. But, today after you have invested a lot of time, money (maybe!) and of course, the energy and efforts in building a loyal reader base, you sure expect some returns, don’t you? How about if you get paid for your blog? Just like Adsense you get paid for your blogs, but in an easier and more effective manner. Wondering how? With a short URL generator!

Published on: 5/6/21, 12:59 PM

Link Shorteners: Why Use Them Today?

We, humans, are fighters. We have never given-in to anything and have always been known to have found alternatives and solutions to the most challenging problems. Whether it was the invention of the wheel that solved our transportation inadequacies or the emergence of social media platforms to stay connected with the world, we have never taken no for an answer. And when Twitter said that we got only 140 characters to express our thoughts, we took it as a challenge! It became very tough to share links and say something meaningful about it in the same tweet. But, we did not give up. There were many sites that emerged and claimed to be the best URL shortener that can help solve this problem by reducing the character count of the link.

Published on: 5/2/21, 1:01 AM